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The Age of Aquarius
rion majory

“Until the lion learns to write, the story will always favor the hunter.”
- African Proverb
The lion has learned to write.

Dedicated to, and inspired by Hunter S. Thompson.
Gonzo Journalist & Spiritualist

With deep gratitude, respect and love... to my mother and my father.
With honor, In loving memory of my teacher, Sachiko “Bobbison” Murata

This essay is to address the coming of a new philosophy and the coming of a new age. Once again, a new age is upon us with the potential to bring us a uniting philosophy. In the past religion, class, politics and race have segregated us in to small groups. We are all human. We are all one human family. These groups are illusory. This philosophy aims to bring an end to this kind of division, uniting us as one people, saving the planet from certain destruction and wide spread war.

Our beliefs mean nothing. It is our actions towards one another that matter. This is the philosophy. It is very simple. When we look at the world deeply, we can see that most wars have stemmed from a difference of beliefs fighting over resources or land. Yet both sides always believe they are fighting for good. This is the delusion of beliefs. They mean nothing. It is our actions that matter. It is my sincere hope you can read this essay with an open mind. Many religious people due to conditioning might be unable to hear or accept this philosophy and will want to cling to their “die hard” religious beliefs. These beliefs bind you. With this philosophy I share, I intend to free you, the reader, from these bounds, helping you to create unshakeable happiness and fearlessness.

This is Buddhist philosophy, not religion. It is the law of cause and effect or the law of Karma. Buddhism is literally the study of where science meets life. Everything is energy. I have come to learn that Jesus traveled to India, learned Buddhism, then repackaged Buddhism in to a similar empowering philosophy becoming one of many atheist iconoclast preachers of his time during the cusp of the age of Aries and the age of Pisces. Every two thousand year period represents a new age in the twelve sign zodiac. We are currently on the cusp of Pisces, entering the age of Aquarius. (Luke 22:10) Christianity the religion was not invented until 200 years after Jesus' passing as a means to control people by the ruling elite. Jesus was clearly an atheist. He was documented to have traveled to India under the name Issa. For “Christ” is not a name, it is a title. Jesus was a documented Buddhist monk there (Issa) in India who returned to the Middle East with this same Buddhist, atheistic philosophy. He challenged the Jewish temple and Jewish religion itself on every level, refuting all religion as I refute it here. He refuted everything the Jewish religion of his time stood for complimenting Jewish teachings with Buddhist teachings. He chastised the Jewish elders, the money lenders, and the rabbinical laws. He never said he was the son of god. Others said he said this. All these things were invented by Emperor Constantine later on to create a mystical dogmatic religion used to control the masses long after Jesus' passing. Beginning with the first characters listed after Adam and Eve in the Bible, The ruling elite aka the Freemasons/Illuminati invented the concept of a god. 

This inspired them to write the Old Testament. The ruling elite wrote both Bibles and the Koran to wage wars for profits, acquire land and to keep people in fear. They knew the formula: First you write it down, next you talk it in to existence. Lastly, it becomes real. Many biblical stories are plagiarized directly from Egypt and Egyptian hieroglyphs. So Buddhism, the philosophy, not the religion, is totally based on science and the universal law of cause and effect. As I mentioned, everything is energy in the form of frequency energy and waves. Both Albert Einstein and Nikola Tesla theorized our brains were complex radio transmitters and receivers. In very recent years, science has proven this theory as true. However, instead of this historical news making the front page as it should, we are continually bombarded with garbage information by garbage “news” sources to fill our heads with garbage and nonsense. When filled with garbage and nonsense, our transmitter and receiver does not work properly. It simply does not transmit and receive. This is why people meditate and chant. It is to clear their mind of the garbage to make room for essential knowledge, allowing for clear transmission and reception. Love is the language of the universe and knowledge is its currency. Love is the highest emotion. (unconditional, universal love). Hate and fear are the lowest emotions. Every emotion carries a frequency, and we emit these frequencies both individually and collectively based on our current emotional state. We are not only sponges, we are complex radio transmitters and receivers. We literally consciously and unconsciously absorb information, stimulus and others emotions whether we like it or not. We also transmit our own energy as well based on our emotional state. This is why it is crucial to surround ones self with positive stimulus and positive people, and crucial to meditate or chant daily to emit positive energy yourself. It is like the force in Star Wars, with all energy there is a positive and negative force or a “light” and “dark” side.

How religion, politics, race and class were invented:
1) First, they wrote it down. 
2) Next, they talked it in to existence.
3) Lastly, over time it became real. 

We must use this same format to create a peaceful world and a new socio-economic system based on science, and learn to live in harmony with one another despite our subtle external differences. My motivation is to help you, the reader, free yourself from incorrect ideologies. By doing so, you can become individually happy and we can save our fragile planet. So first I am writing it down here. Next we must talk peace, this new very simple ideology in to existence. Lastly we must clear our minds of the negative stimulus to make room for positive stimulus. The best way to do this is by meditation. There are several forms and styles of meditation and I suggest you find the one that works best for you. The original Buddha, Shakyamuni quietly meditated observing his breath and clearing his thoughts this way. It is very difficult to properly quietly meditate for several beginners and intermediate practitioners. Chanting a phrase or mantra out loud is another equally powerful form of meditation. This is the type of meditation I practice. I chant Daimoku. Many who quietly meditate go within to clear their minds. Many who chant Daimoku use the chanting as an amplifier to amplify their thoughts using the brain to transmit and receive during the meditative chanting practice. It is a more “active” meditation. Both practices work fine and I think it is up to the person to choose which works best. Some practitioners even practice both such as the Dalai Lama.

When we meditate or chant, it is crucial to realize that we are not praying to any outside external force or deity. We are not asking for anything. We are making a determination to the energy we are part of to take action. We are consciously fusing our life energy with the life energy of the universe to help this determination come to fruition in our present or future reality. This energy or life force binds us all together. We literally are like cells in a body. The body is planet Earth. When we realize that we are all interconnected our perception begins to change. This philosophy brings happiness because it is empowering to the practitioner. The practitioner realizes that there is no middle man between he/she and the universe. He or she need not go to a place of worship such as a church or temple to experience this philosophy because the energy is all encompassing. He or she need not give anyone ten percent of their income. In 2017, believe you me, many of the religious preachers and political people who ask for and accept a person’s hard earned money are fully aware that they are perpetuating a total hoax. They do so because they believe that the ends justify the means. The ends never justify the means. This is the law of Karma. If you deceive or harm few, even if you have the ultimate intention of saving or helping the many, the positive action you intended is negated by the negative deceptive or harmful action. According to the law of cause and effect, the ends never justify the means. By giving to them, you are perpetuating their heirarchy and supporting the class system that segregates us. This is a philosophy of truth, reason and science. The past religions are based on lies and deception to make you feel weak and powerless. The god lie when misinterpreted can very often end in mental illness as clearly seen by viewing the religions of the world today. From the Christian Benny Hinn, the fake healer who yells “Devil begone” as he slaps his parishioners on their foreheads to the wave of Muslim extremists plaguing the planet with terrorism we can see the harmful effects.

Join me, with a few thousand fellow Buddhist/Universalist philosophers who have undertaken the same task of educating and training people on the topic of energy. Together we can overturn two thousand years of deception and lies. It takes a team. Since I was a very young person I knew that I was to help teach a philosophy. Just as one knows they will be a nurse, a firefighter or a police officer. I didn't know which philosophy, so I learned them all. I have spent my entire life studying religion, politics, freemasonry, the occult, and esoteric knowledge. Myself and my teacher are Aquarians. Eleven years ago, I found Buddhism, or Buddhism found me, as I like to say. At thirty, I left to become a Buddhist monk and ended up leaving the monastery to study under a senior lay disciple of the Fuji/Lotus school of Buddhism named Sachiko “Bobbison” Murata. The monks practiced a philosophy that was passive so I left to study active Buddhism. I studied under her direct instruction for seven years until her passing where as she named me her successor. Over that time, as her student, in a chain unbroken since the infinite past, I inherited the “Heritage of the Ultimate Law of Life” as her student. It is my hope and ultimate goal to share this philosophy and liberating practice with you the reader, and the rest of the world and to transmit “The Heritage of the Ultimate Law of Life” to all of you. My motivation is to bring happiness, peace, and help to create a sustainable world. This philosophy leads to unshakeable happiness. And unshakeable happiness leads to fearlessness and freedom. Once people are happy, fearless and free we can begin to create peace. When we are unafraid and fearless, we are not easily controlled individually or collectively. This is why the ruling elite want us filled with hate and fear towards one another. Their motto is "divide et impera", divide and conquer. Their second motto is "ordo ab chao", or order out of chaos. Religion, politics, race and class are all based off of division and fear. All of these things make a person feel afraid of others and afraid of the universal energy. There is nothing to fear. There is no enemy. We are all the same. I was born a Jew, of a Jewish mother. I was raised both Jewish and Christian and was told I could pick which one I wanted to be. I practiced both Judaism as a youth and Christianity as an adult. I abandoned my Judeo/Christian beliefs to accept this uniting and liberating life philosophy, which is totally based off of science, reason, and fact. We must abandon our old philosophies and old religions as we enter this new Age of Aquarius if we are to create lasting peace. It's up to us. This new millennium is the age of truth. It is the age of reason and science. Sometimes when I speak with people of the Islamic religion, most of those I speak with, refuse to renounce their religion when asked if they would do so for world peace. When simply asked this, their answer is usually, “No, my brother, I am Muslim till the death”. Few can renounce it. This is the folly of religion. They will be... Muslims till the death, in their own words, because of this closed minded type of thinking. This applies to any religion. Their religion has caused a permanent mental block, and their religion will be their ultimate demise. This is all in their own words. If all religions teach peace, then one would think that all religious extremists be extremely peaceful? This is clearly not the case because religions do not teach peace, they are tools to wage wars and create division. As mentioned, religion can't help but create a false “us” vs. “them” mentality. Both the Judeo/Christians and the Muslims think that they are correct and that each is fighting for good. All in the name of the same made up god who they both revere. Both are mistaken. The god they imagine does not exist in the form they believe.

What is god? God is just the personified image of the energy that is all around us that we cannot see. There is no need to name it, or worship it. We are it. We are part of this energy. As Carl Sagan said, “We are the universe experiencing itself.” We are it. This energy is not male or female yet exhibits qualities of both. It is not negative or positive yet its dual nature allows for the natural functions of life. This energy is invisible and all around us and we are not separate from it. It flows through us and we are it, and it is us. It is the explanation of the mysterious things that we cannot see going on all around us in the form of thoughts, frequencies, waves and vibrations. In the past religions capitalized on this invisible energy and the ruling elite of the world invented religions to make you feel weak, powerless and divided (to terrorize you). Nothing could be further from the truth. People are powerful individually and collectively. Our strength is in our unity. Rise up! Climb over the wall that has bound your mind. Free yourself. Realize that unconditional universal love is the highest emotion, and that this love will protect you wherever you go. Hate and fear are the lowest emotions and they are easy to let go of. Meditate daily to clear your mind so it can transmit and receive properly. Whether silently or aloud in the form of Daimoku. Do not give your hard earned money to a neo – cheater. A neo - cheater is a politician, guru or clergy who wants your money in return for their promises, prayers of their teachings. They are cheaters because they are continuing the god hoax and are living off of you and your hard work. Do not give your money to a Buddhist neo - cheater as it is the same thing. Blindly giving someone money or a dedicated percentage of your income in exchange for prayers like the church and monks do is a scam on any and every level. In this new age, the Age of Aquarius, the age of individual spiritual enlightenment, the practitioner, (you) realizes that there is no middleman between you and the universe. The Buddha is not your middleman. I am not your middleman. Jesus is not your middleman. It takes no one to claim any special status for explaining this simple concept we are explaining that cannot be owned. You are it. You are here for a reason. Life has deep meaning. It is a dynamic, growing and learning experience. Though I teach today's lesson, I constantly cultivate beginner's mind and I too am constantly learning. I am not to be revered. I am merely a student of life humbly passing along what I have learned from my humble teacher. I am merely a link in a chain unbroken since the past. You too are a link in the same chain. I am a simple, humble monk in spirit who has left the monastery. I have few earthly possessions and do not own land or hold any formal titles. Though I am a monk in spirit, I usually choose not to wear a robe or formal wear as in this day and age it has a different connotation than in the past. In the past robes meant humility. A robe does not mean humility any more, it screams respect and revere me. This is why I usually choose not to wear a robe or formal garments in my daily life. The monks at the monastery I lived at were admittedly hiding from the world, which they called the “toxic environment”. They were afraid of the current world and took no action to change it. Life is about changing and interacting with our environment, being part of it, not hiding from it or segregating yourself from it. This life is about learning, growing and forgiving ourselves and then forgiving each other to make positive changes and move forward together. These are the meanings of our lives. I often think of how we claim our planet Earth is very rare, and that life is so very rare, yet what do we do to protect life and protect our planet? Nothing really. Wars based on oil, religion and environmental pollution are destroying our planet. This philosophy is the philosophy of protecting life and protecting our planet. Let's avert world war and learn to live in harmony with one another and with nature. It can be done. Peace starts in your mind, in your heart, and then spreads from there! The Buddhist saying goes: “We need not try to change others, but if we make a change within, than this is the deepest cause we can make.” This is totally true. However I am not trying to change anyone individually. I am hoping we can all change together collectively. Life is a dynamic learning and growing experience. We can all change together. Many people I speak to just agree with me and say that they understand what I say, yet they cannot dedicate the time to meditate or chant daily, so they just agree and say, “Hey that sounds about right, man. Good job.” They then continue to walk around with a head full of garbage and do not ever practice daily meditation to clear their minds. It does not work like that. This philosophy involves daily meditative prayer and practice. It involves taking the time in the morning and in the evening to meditate, or to chant Daimoku, to free and clear your mind. Just as one exercises daily to be healthy in body, it is important to meditate daily to be healthy in mind.

When I chant Daimoku (meditation aloud), With eyes open, facing a Gohonzon Mandala, I meditate/pray to fuse my life with the life force of the universe, the invisible energy all around us we cannot see. I open by praying for those battling illness. I pray for the protection of family and those close to me. I pray that we can all come together for peace and save our fragile planet from world war. I pray that we all become one as a people, and that we can all take the love we have for those close to us, and learn to cultivate that same universal love towards all living beings equally. Next, I pray that all living beings gain the Buddha wisdom attaining the mind and the body of a Buddha in their present form. Finally, I pray for those who have passed. I do not pray to a god or outside force. I do this all why fusing my life energy with the life energy that is all around us, that we are all a part of. This is Buddhism, the study of where science meets life, this concept called Esho Funi, the oneness of life and environment. You are Buddha. The word Buddha means awakened one. A Buddha is not an abstract supernatural being to worship or revere. A Buddha is a regular person who has put this practice in to action, learned to embrace life's suffering and then transform that suffering in to happiness in their daily life and effect positively the lives of others they encounter. This philosophy leads to happiness. Happiness leads to unshakeable fearlessness and freedom. For many it might be difficult to shed your religious or national identities. I will leave you the story of the 2010 census taker who came to my house to collect Census data. He had several forms, a few leads and due to the detailed nature of the census, he wanted to know many things about me.

I answered all of his detailed ethnic and religious questions with one answer...
“One human citizen lives here.” is what I would reply no matter what the question.
He would ask, “Are you white? Are you Hispanic? Are you of Irish descent? What religion are you?” And I would answer him every time, “One human citizen lives here”.
“People want to be proud of their roots and nationalities”, he would yell at me.
“What are you?” he would scream over my fence in a rage.

And every time I would politely reply, “One human citizen lives here.”
The last time I saw him he said to me, “I bet you were a draft dodger!”
He was wrong about my age by two decades, as I guess I look much older than I actually am. I told him, “For the record, I volunteered, I am a  veteran.  I proudly served, honorably”.

It is time to put our differences aside, all lives matter, black lives, police lives, every life is meaningful and important. Please stop segregating and dividing yourselves in to small groups perpetuating this “us vs. them” mentality. Many people of all races and religions are abandoning these false concepts and labels that are here to divide us, to come together as one people for peace. They call it “race” because in a race, there are winners and losers. When we look deeply we can see they are making us race against each other, only then, can we stop the “race” and start to love! All race is an illusion. We truly are one human family. The pen is mightier than the sword. We don't need violence for a revolution, we need education for a revolution. Education is the key to creating a peaceful sustainable world. Peace, write it, talk it, do it... then it becomes real. Peace starts in your mind, in your heart, and then spreads through your positive life condition and positive actions. If we could all take the love we have for those close to us, family and friends and cultivate that same love outwardly and equally to all people everywhere without discrimination... War, poverty, crime and famine would literally end overnight. When peace is the answer, love is the way. When love is the way, peace is the answer.

This pamphlet is free. There is never a charge for correct Buddhist teachings. However, If you like this pamphlet and it helped you in any way answer any questions about life, please go to, and check out the artwork and poetry I create. An art purchase enables me to walk around, talk to people, pass out this pamphlet and give discourse on the topic of unity and world peace in small groups, literally walking around in person, writing and talking world peace in to action and empowering others to share this message. This message is not exclusive to me. There are several thousand others teaching it as well. For continued information on the subjects discussed herein and more information on the Age of Aquarius and this wonderful life philosophy which is Buddhism, the study of where science meets life, or for information on inviting me to speak at your club, venue, college or workplace, please visit the website:

Thank you for taking the time to read this essay. Please share it. Be love. Just be it. Love is not something you look for and find. Love is what you are. Unconditional universal love is an emotion and a frequency. Remember, our beliefs mean nothing, it is our actions towards one another that matter. To learn to love yourself and love others without condition. To learn to forgive yourself, to learn to forgive others... Seeing yourself in others.
This is compassion. To empower others with courage so we can all effect positive change in our world. These are the meanings of our lives. To grow together. To learn to be kind to one another and rise above our subtle external differences and meaningless beliefs. We can create a sustainable peaceful world through positive emotions and actions despite the war and division we presently see caused by negative emotions and actions. It's all energy, thought and action. Everything is energy, thought and action. Love is the highest energy and peace is it's result. Hate and fear are the lowest energies and always lead to war and violence. Until we create a society where success is measured by happiness and love instead of money and material things, we are unfortunately doomed to fail collectively as a civilization.  

  - rion majory 

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